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Hi hi~~~ I just joined this community because I love H!P and love drawing heheh. I haven't been drawing that much lately though, because I got so much study to do ;_____;

Anyway, I won't blabber for long hehehe, this is my first attempt of drawing Aibon ^o^ I don't think it looks like her that much but I tried XD

Feel free to make comment heheh :)

My scanner is broken, so I took the photo of this from my sketchbook hahahah XD
then I adjusted the lighting a little bit in photoshop hehehe
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Ooh very nice! I love how you did her hair *O*
heheh thank you~
Ohhh, that's lovely! The hair is beautiful! The only problem I can see is that maybe the neck is a little too thin? Then again, I'd have to look at the photo to be sure. But it's still just wonderful, especially for a first attempt

What type of pencils did you use?
oooh thanks for the advice!! hahahah I think so too, I didn't measure anything ^ ^" hahahah because normally my drawing is more like anime style, so when I draw the neck it turns out to be quite thin usually XD maybe that's why as well hehehe.

Oh I just used normal 4B for the hair part (as you can see quite dark) and 2B for the rest ;)

Thanks for your comment heheh
Oh, I hear you on that part. I have a habit of making characters too lanky when I draw them ^^;;

Very nice job w/ those two pencils!

Do you have an art site? I'm interested in seeing some of your other work
I have 3 of my works in deviant art XDDDD I need to add more works there...I will soon hehehe. At the moment I'm kinda busy studying for exam but I'll definitely put more of my fanart soon ;)

What's your site, bunnychan?? I want to go visit heheh ^ ^
I'm so dumb I forgot to give you the link XDDDD
here's the link :
XDDDD sorry about that hahahah

No problem ^^

My site is Daisuki wa Bunny! dot com. I also have a DA page (but I don't upload any work there) -

Hee, I just noticed we both have "bunny" in our usernames ^^
totally cute! great job :) it'd be funny if you had a cig in her hand too! haha jk :D
thank you~~ hahahahhahahaha that would be quite funny. but awww I wish she didn't smoke (but then again lots of Japanese people smoke ^ ^" but I don't know I can't really imagine her smoking for some reason, til I saw the photo ^ ^" but awww no more W... hopefully she will come back soon)