boinsie (boinsie) wrote in hellopro_fanart,

Makoto grad image ^^

Text quoted from my devART account ^^ :

"So, she hasn't actually graduated from Morning Musume yet, but she will this coming August 27th... plus, she recieved farewells and flowers and things along with Konno Asami at the final Hello! Project concert of this season (when Konno grad'ed), so she's as good as graduated from Morning Musume, for all extended means and purposes. She's just got the musical to do, now. ^^
Anyway, after seeing the dresses Konno and Ogawa wore for the graduation ceremony, I just had to draw them. I wasn't nearly as happy with the final lineart I came up with for Konno as I was for Ogawa, though, which is why there's no KonKon drawing up yet. Probably in the future, but not right now.
Congrats on your stay in Momusu, Mako-chan! Sucks you were always so overlooked and underpaid, but hopefully you'll be happpier in your studies overseas, and I hope you come back to the 'Project once you're done. ^^ "

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