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Welcome to the Hello!Project Fanart Community!

Feel free to post your own fanart or links to Hello!Project artwork that you've found on the web (But be sure to CREDIT THE ARTIST PROPERLY!*) This community is geared towards spreading the love of Hello!Project and all its groups and solo artists past and present, from Maeda Yuki to Morning Musume!

So please join and have fun!

1. Credit your sources.*
If you are the artist, feel free to plug your personal website, etc. If you have found some great Hello! Project fanart online and want to share it with the rest of us, that's great! However, be sure to include the link from which you found the artwork and if possible, the name of the artist. And to community lurkers, you plan to save the art posted here, please credit the artist if you post it in other places, preferably with a link back to this community and/or the artist's personal website.
2. Be friendly!
This community is a place to have fun, make friends, and enjoy Hello!Project fanart. Please be kind to all other posters and mods. :) Mean people will be banned! :O
3. Posting Rules.
Please lj-cut all large pictures. Posting a small/medium sized thumbnail and then lj-cutting is the preferred method. :D Please don't post any non-related topics or art unless you also have some Hello!Project in there as well! :) I.e. posting some of your Harry Potter fanart after posting a picture of Yossui. :D That's okay (/end Yossui bias, hehe). Try to keep it to a minimum though! This is a Hello!Project fanart community after all. :P
To post a picture, use the following HTML: <img src="http://putwwwurlofyourpicturehere">
4. No hot-linking.
Upload pictures to your own server or to a free picture hosting service, such as Photobucket or TinyPic. This goes for both your art or art you find online. Hot-linkers will be asked (nicely) to upload to their own server. :) This is because not only is it bad internet etiquette to steal someone else's bandwidth, but oftentimes hot-linking pictures stop showing up.

Now go and post! Share the intense love that is Hello!Project fanart.

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